Marketing breakdown

I have been watching social media, and I admit I need to stop because its driving me insane, every make up artistry group I go to I see the same questions repeated at least once a month someone asks: 

"how do I market myself?" 
"What should I charge for....."

Now I have addressed rates in my last post in the most basic terms so now lets look (again) at marketing and break it down into simple steps.  Much of it can be seen as crossover and transferable from the rates discussion. 

Identify your target audience.  That is pretty straight forward.  You want weddings: target bridal sites and groups, you want film: find a media access centre in your area, same with TV.  

Make sure your portfolio is representative of the clients you want.  Again look at your target audience and cater to them.  

Buzzwords: avoid them.  If you are a beauty artist doing bridal and weekend party make up, that's fine.  Advertise that.  Don't throw words like editorial or sfx in to the mix unless you can back it up with tear sheets and film/TV credits that are verified.  

Website. This is a huge mistake people make, they rely on free services which are not within their control thinking a website is not required. Yes it is.  You can blog, share concepts, have galleries of your work and optimise it to target your preferred audience all for as little as £20 a month, that's less than the cost of a new palette.  Keep it simple, clean and professional.  If in doubt ask for help.  I personally have helped people with their sites and getting their online identity started.  

If you don't have enough work after your course to show of then you need to test shoot and gain some images.  Having a huge make up kit and a few brushes is not enough.  You clients will ask to see samples of your work and a smart artist knows that website is the best marketing tool you have. 

Social media.  Make good use of it, showcase your art not yourself.  Yes you are the brand and the brains behind the business but 300 selfies of you pouting at the camera is not a portfolio its vanity.  Remember today's newspaper is tomorrows chip paper and keep the same goes for gimmicks.  You can be booked for months on your social media make up skills but when the fad for winged liner dies, are you still getting booked or are you a one trick pony? 

Keep your story consistent.  Know your craft, know your audience and make sure you are visible in the market by developing your style.  Carbon copies of social media looks is not a good way to get fashion work anymore than bad sfx make up will get you a film gig that pays you a living wage.  

If you take nothing else from this blog then take this: after 19 years in this business, I have had my good times and bad, BUT I am still working.  So I must know something.  I have evolved with my market and know my audience.  

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