Marketing push

Within the next month I will be reworking, alongside the lost project team, my marketing strategies in line with the new projects that are in the pipeline.  

The plan is to create images before I start my new film projects, then whilst I am working on that we will be teaming up to create some new elements and portfolio pieces in video and stills form. 

Marketing tricks

As a major part of this, we do have something special in the works so for those wondering what is planned, stay tuned. 

The primary concern over the next few weeks is about character work, starting with simple CLEAN beauty shots and some small scale out of the box fx such as cuts, scars and bruising.  We will be trying new products and be experimenting more with colours such as red, yellow and blue to create something advertorial based to promote JamesC and the lost Project.  

The logic behind this is we want something fresh to show and a chance to mentally clear the artistic decks before a return to South Asia.  

Marketing is a major part of any business and after doing a basic website check up and of course, with my new contracts being drawn up, it just seemed like a smart move.