meetings and portfolio work

The end of the week will see me attending meetings and then we (the Lost project team), will be shooting new images for clients.  Everything is set up to do what I like to refer to as the creative consult work and PR.  

meetings and more

Working with the Lost Project team has completely changed my working patterns in a positive way.  What we have been doing is focusing on the quality of work rather than quantity of the images.  

In addition to this, we are also discussing the potential avenue of bringing the JamesC brand back in a more solid way.  More on this later.  

One of the meetings I have is with the team from Wedding films Scotland who are looking at the PR and marketing that will be put in place to augment the already established website and other elements.  Admittedly this has been a rather back-burner issue.  

Alongside this, there are plans to finally get new images of myself done to add to the website and I will be working with a longstanding and hugely entertaining artist friend; Stewart Nicol Soutar

All in all, May is proving to be a very busy month with a lot of travelling to be done toward the end of the month and will be bringing in some fantastic shots and videos from my travels. 

There is more to being a makeup artist than just brushes and shadows.