MisMacK Glitter

I have avoided the glitter fads that people tend to fall into because I just never found a range that suited my needs until now, having found MisMack biodegradable glitter I am in love.  

Naturally, I have written about the range for trend prive, and I am really happy to say that Missy herself has been talking to me via email and Instagram from Canada, first of all, WOW she is an absolute gem of a woman and I so honoured to have spoken to her direct. 

pink perfect glitter

The best part of this is she was kind enough to send me samples of the full range, I am now in love with the blue shade and the pink.  Just beautiful colours that are going to be integrated into an editorial for the fun of playing with glitter. 

If you want to know more about the range (And I strongly suggest you check it out) then click through to her website to see the colours, not only are they Eco-friendly but they are beautiful.   

MisMacK glitter website.