Morning coffee thoughts

I am really focusing on the fashion shows at the moment and getting more of my editorial work shot.  Its been a huge amount of background work that I am finding more and more interesting  as it leads me down a more managerial route. 

magazines and coffee moments

With this in mind I am sitting at my desk with a cup of coffee, I am starting to feel the drain on my energy and resources but in a positive way.  As time passes and I see the years going on, I am now pushing twenty years in hair and make up, I am seeing more and more problems with the market I am working in at this time.  

With the London market its very transient and relies heavily on talent (quite rightly), where as I am seeing more and more people with less of a skill set demanding to be taken seriously as contenders in the market BUT they are unable to back this up with a portfolio of work that fits.  

There is a place for this BUT you need to show a standard of work that fits what you are chanting your skill set claims. 

Fashion is fashion and I see way to many shoots that claim to be "fashion" when in actual fact its glamour bordering on adult content.  When you are booked for a shoot I tend to say look at the work the person has already produced, does it meet the benchmark for fashion? Do you meet the criteria in terms of height, size and look?   I would rather decline something than work on a shoot that does not fit my criteria. Yet I see it so much and people are falling into the trap.  Commercial is not a bad word, you can be commercial and work, high fashion is a really tough market and sometimes we don't fit. 

Thats not a negative its business.  

In an age where everything is published and seen on multiple formats I fail to understand why you would work on something that requires you to be posing in a manner which borders a top shelf magazine, then you need to rethink the claim of fashion.