must have items

Outside of the obvious things like makeup and of course brushes.  I always tell people you need three extra pieces in your working kit: 

  • A bridge camera
  • A notebook or Filofax
  • Business cards

Let's break this up and look at each piece in context starting with:

A bridge camera:  The reason I recommend a bridge is simple, you do not need a DSLR or mirrorless camera to run a youtube channel or to take decent workable photo's that you can use on your website and social media.  The idea that you need a DSLR is insane, aside from the massive cost involved it's not a requirement unless you are planning to do photography at a pro level. 

 A notebook:  I am a real notetaker, I work out ideas, write down numbers, a Filofax is a major plus as you can also use the diary element and add note pages, post it notes etc which are always useful.  

Business cards: I admit I am redesigning my cards at the moment with a view to changing elements of my business, adding new segments to the artistry side of the work.  However, they are essential tools for promoting yourself.  They are little postcards with details on who you are, snippets and an introduction to your business.  keep them simple, classic and clean.  

*As a side note, I will be changing the business email for this site very soon to make it more in line with what I am working towards.