negotiating tips

Something that people seem to be missing when I talk to them is the ability to negotiate a contract or talk financial terms when it comes to the business side of makeup. 

There is something fundamentally wrong about the arts and media that makes people unwilling to negotiate and they accept or degrade the value of their business.  You need to be able to negotiate and reach terms that work, you run a business, its not a hobby.  

So what do you need to do to make this work?  Well first off lets look at simple economics.  You spend on average £25 on materials per day on a shoot, then add in your travel costs.  

business tricks

Here's a simple way to work it.  When you want something in any aspect of life set a bar, figure what is the lowest you are willing to take and then what is the maximum you think you can get, cars are a great way to illustrate this: 

You want a Mercedes, you know that you will get declined and told to lower your expectations, so what you ask for is a Bentley or a Rolls Royce.  This will allow you room to negotiate.  

Same principal applies for work:  "my day rate is £350 a day but I am open to negotiations." 

This will open the door to new jobs and show you as a business minded person instead of a hobbyist desperate to be noticed.  Showcase the skill set and work within parameters you know you can work with rather than undercut your own business.