Networking events

As I said in my previous post I have not been to any of the networking events for a long time.  Since I feel like I am now on the increase in terms of visibility with the beauty editor job, editorials and I am really just enjoying the new work and creative outlets after a break.  

I decided to attend two events in Glasgow between October and November just to dip my toe in to things again and find out whats happening on the indie circuit.

From a personal stand point, I have projects in development (finally a light at the end of the tunnel) with Susan Marshall and Raj Srivastava, not forgetting of course the ongoing developments of the lost project which I am enjoying every minute of.  

Hopefully in the next few weeks I will pick up something interesting to get my teeth into that will be a good addition to my film CV.  

Otherwise it will just be an interesting foray back into circulation and to get the lay of the land once more.