new brands and a revamped kit

It's going to be an exciting few weeks as work with the team over at The Lost Project is gearing up for two new projects. 

make up palette

Starting next week we will be shooting with a new Lost Boy.  We have decided to do something more art based concepts with a little edge.  Setting up some Vogue inspired concepts it's going to be exciting to sit and really work through the images and start pushing in new directions. 

We also spoke via Instagram, to Burhan Javid about a shoot for Equilibrium clothing which we decided to make just that little bit bigger with a team that will produce a behind the scenes video as well as images that will be aimed at a brand piece for Trend Prive Magazine. 

This is not to say that the team at World fashion media and news are losing out, we do have plans to submit stills and new work across soon.  

I have to admit I am enjoying the working set up, it's tiring, stressful but worth every minute for me as it has allowed me to expand creatively and look at other aspects of the business.  

A major part of this will be adding to my kit and since I am a beauty editor and its a part of the job to seek out new brands it's actually fun to see the options out there and I do love finding new brands, my kit will be paired down to the absolute essentials.