new rules

New rules are coming into play for indie film.  

I have been a big supporter of indie film for many years, putting time energy and resources into projects that were not my own.  This meant I worked on alot of festival entries, web TV shows (which I spent a huge amount backing for no return between kit and research).   I didn't complain publicly about this, I just ate the loss and moved on.  Now years down the line, having traveled and put my priorities in order, I can see there is a need for solid support but that comes at a price.  

Which is why I started the lost project with my team, and yes it is mine, we decided that we needed to change how things were being done.  Much of what I was doing was not valued.  I have spent years researching and collating information on avenues to sell projects (long before the amazon route came up) I was finding different avenues that were either ignored or used without a thank you. 

So Lost project was born and I pulled in support from a screenwriter and a soap opera actor friend that I met in India. 

Now I am still supporting projects but the  terms have changed.  

If I am working on it I will support it.  If you cannot follow a set of simple requests, then I will withdraw my support.  Fees can be negotiated but lets get this right down to brass tacks here, you will pay me.  I am not accepting "we are going for festivals" or "we will sell it then pay you." 

Do not accuse me of being unsupportive in public forums and then come to me in a private message asking for support. I will cut you off.  

What I do takes a huge amount of preparation and planning, so please remember this and do not call me two days before the shoot because the artist you booked has quit, refuses to answer the phone or is a no show to a meeting.  That is not my problem and will not get you my years of experience for free.  Book someone who is actually experienced or behind the project.  

Put together a budget, talk to me on the phone at least once and discuss rates and  terms.  If you want my skills in PR or want me to contact my brands that I have worked with to create a little extra buzz or get products, then you need to be able to show something solid I can work with and my brands will be happy with or its not happening. 

This is not a game, this is my business.  Treat it like a game I will show you how its played.  

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