No Platforming other Artists a Specialist Beat Down

There is a wave of no platforming on social media, taking down or removing the voice of fellow makeup artists based on nothing more than a specialism of skill that the detractors do not have. This is a major issue and is going to cause an increase in lower quality work taking presidency over skill and a lack of professionals in the arenas where previously they would have worked.

Removing the Platform of artists

No platforming can take a variety of forms and is detrimental to your own business. While its perfectly OK to want to move forward or be recognised for your skills its not a good move to remove that option from someone with a different skill set.

For example. If you work in Bridal this is a specialised area of makeup that is widely recognised and applauded with award ceremonies. It has a specific skill set and market that YOU have chosen to work in for its ease of marketing, awards and of course the financial gains.

So as a Bridal artist your time and energy is in that field, to then remove the voice of a media and commercial artist as “competition” to you seems pointless. If you are looking to break away from your current market then you need to identify what transferable skills you have and build on that in the same way a commercial/media artist would if they chose to step into your arena.

Viewing ANYONE and EVERYONE as competition is ridiculous, your business is not affected by someone working in a different field so attacking or deliberately removing their voice from a public forum is redundant.

There is also an element of laziness involved in this as well which is illustrated by conversations with fellow artists:

How did you get that music video job? (artist)

I have worked with the company before, they asked me if I could do it and we discussed the job. (me)

Well thats not fair, you should be giving up jobs and passing them to new people like me. (artist)

OK but I have worked with them before and I do need an assistant for my next gig. (me)

I am not really an assistant. I mean I would rather work free than be your assistant, really it can’t be that hard if your doing it. (artist)

OK carry on. (me)

*After a few weeks I usually get a call or message asking for advice from the same artist who has deliberately undercut me to get a gig. So they remove the platform that I earned to showcase my talent, working free on a paid gig so they can get an elevated credit on the project, they still expect me to support them when they can’t do the job.

Denouncing a fellow artist as arrogant and out of touch is a frequent one to be used and is often done because the person being attacked is working in an area of business that you don’t have the skills for but still insist in competing in.

Instead of burying people who are in a more specialised area of work as competition, try being realistic about your OWN business and focus on that.

If you want to work as a beauty editor, move into event makeup and fashion or film/TV you need to understand the skill set and not just demand that you get a foot in the door without the experience or requisite skills.