one size fits all services

I have noticed a few sites recently for bridal/occasions and film/TV that are one size fits all.  This can be an agency or a service based site, but the principal is the same.  You more often than not, pay to be listed. 

What does that mean?   Well in simple terms clients can book on price and forgo the skill element which is good and bad.  By setting a rate they can then budget which is good for their wedding, film, TV shoot BUT also means that the artists lose out.  

It will increase the cut throat aspect of the services on offer to an insane level. 

“why are you charging x when can go through this app and get someone for y?” 

 It will not be about the skill level, it will be who has the best kit and the lowest price.  Which from a consumer stand point is a major plus. From an artists side?  not so much. 

Here’s why:  

You spend thousands of pounds/dollars/ euros/rupees (you get the idea) on your training.  Your work has been honed and perfected doing bridal, fashion work and special occasions, films and TV shoots and you charge according to union or local area rates. 

Along comes an app that unifies everything and asks you to set your rate.  Fantastic!  Less hassle, a set fee each week and you get advertised and promoted right?  

Wrong.  You go into a database and the client searches and loves your work BUT you charge £150 (for example) for a bridal including the trial.  Someone else is your catchment area charges £50.  So why would they book you? 

“Because I have the talent, the testimonials and skills thats why!” 

Sure and they are looking to streamline and save some money so……