photo shoots and the weather

One of the biggest frustrations I have at the moment is the weather.  I am having to reshuffle my plans and rethink my shoots to fit the fluctuations of the day to day changes.  Snow is now the bane of my life.  

photo shoot plans

Something I miss about India is the sunshine and as time passes I am looking more and more at the possibility of moving to Europe where (in my opinion) it will be a better working environment for me to shoot editorial and allow more flexibility of access to London without 6 hour train journeys. delays and oddly it will be cheaper.  

This is all in flux at the moment, I have to much on the books to really give serious consideration to moving until march and even then I will be in limbo due to working commitments. 

I do love my home base of Scotland but I am finding it really redundant in terms of longevity as as an artist.  Yes it can be done and I can book shoots but the weather and frankly the attitude makes it a frustrating to get things done.  

Looking out of the window, I am seeing massive snowflakes falling from the sky.  Which as beautiful as that is is not my favourite weather, give me sunshine.