Portfolio shoots

Every few months I sit down and go through my work and decide what stays, what goes and of course it takes time to collate my articles as well.  Although I do want to do something new in that field soon and go from brand based articles to something a little more experimental; think fairy lights and prisms.......

The reason for this is simply to keep my brain active, I know I can shoot and publish the work and its always better to experiment when you are going for published as this often gets more attention and pr is a plus.  

Of  course this all ties in with the new plans for 2018 with the Lost project, I was able to get Raj Srivastava on the phone and discuss plans to put a small showcase piece into a festival and talk final details on his personal website.  

With so much else on the cards its hard to find time to really sit back and review so this weekend will be exactly that, review time, websites will be finished and launched, the work will of course be updated and I have to say thank you to the team at UWS I have just filmed with who were a really solid group and are sending me across images of the character work done during the film shoot which is fantastic.  

Stay tuned as there will be some more brand based articles going up soon and of course I will share more on kit secrets soon.