portfolio review

For those who know me and read my blog.  You will see that this new site is significantly smaller in the portfolio department than my old one, although I did keep the domain (more will be added soon).  

I decided the best thing to do was please myself and not worry about the market as a whole. I plan to create the work I know sells, I enjoy doing and expand on the areas of my business that I want to change and upgrade.

So over the next few weeks I want to do something for me that will be a showcase of what I think works.  My focus has always been commercial, I worked on things that were geared toward that market and made money.  

So with a deep cleansing breath and a few design sheets from the JamesC collection (the face chart will be back on sale soon), I intend to do some more editorials for World fashion media and news, then some character based work.  I want to focus on creating a story with the work and really just be an artist for little while.  

With the support of the Lost Dream Collective I plan to push the artistic, commercial and story telling aspect of my work and create all rounder projects that will showcase the work and bring new brands into the mix, I am already talking to a wonderful mineral make up line and will be blogging more on that soon.