portfolio shoot

At the moment my brain is in total overdrive, There are a few projects that I am in the process of designing for and at the back of my mind are other concepts that I want to create and move forward. 

makeup kit

This is the reality of being an artist for me, I cannot shut my brain off easily.  Am I unhappy with that?  No, of course not.  I am enjoying the process and in talking to some of the others that I deal with in the arts (more fine artists than makeup artists), we are all on the same page; we all have reached a point where to a certain degree the art is about what we want to do rather than a compulsion to do create.  Its become, for me, a creative outlet away from my clients. 

Something that is being mulled over is the idea of creating images just for the sake of creating, not because its what a potential client would want, I simply want to create something that is for me.  If a potential client loves it and wants to hire me then fantastic! If not, that's cool I am doing something for me. 

Next month, I will be either booking a studio and a few models, or going on location and doing something creative and just playing around with makeup, something I really don't get to do a lot of as I focus my energy on clients. 

With plans to redevelop and downsize my full kit, getting rid of the things that don't work and bringing new brands in, the scope to just revamp is there and I intend to use it.