Portrait session

I have just been sent some more Stunningly beautiful brushes from one of my favorite companies (Brushwork cosmetics) and it has given me a little nudge to do something creative. 

Business got in the way of much of what I have wanted to do, between writing, meetings and various other commitments I have just not had the chance to do my own shoots and I am hopefully going to do something fresh this week.

make up kit

With the volume of the new kit I have been sent to test and as a thank you for articles, I really don't have to add a great deal more to my working kit, which in all fairness is getting paired down to be easier to travel with. 

Something that is on my mind to do is, of course, the bridal piece with Wedding films Scotland, I really want to do something in portrait which will be published in some shape or form.  I just enjoy the process and its long overdue, I feel now that I have got several articles on standby and ready to be released over the next few days I might do a block of writing to cover my column so that I can just real and focus on getting the more realistic aspects of being a makeup artist done. 

What I am working on is the concept for two portrait based sessions which will be female models and designed around simplistic beauty.  

There is a promo code for Brushwork cosmetics available use JamesC for a 15% discount.