Professional changes

In the last 6 to 8 months I have been completely redefining my business and working with my contacts, brands and of course, magazines to bring a whole new dimension to the work being put out. 

success is within your reach

One of the things that I have always maintained is that business is business and needs to be treated with reverence,  in terms of what is coming I am taking sidesteps and risks with reaching out to companies for articles and discussing PR. 

Now I appreciate every PR package that I get sent, I mean wow!  I have been lucky about the support and beautiful gifts that I have received in thanks for my articles.  It has also allowed me to give an extra dimension to my work on those projects that do come my way in terms of film and TV. 

And that is why I do it.  People value the work I do and what I offer, I treat the whole thing as a package deal and business transaction.  Which the brands love because of the legitimising of the deal.  

I spend time on calls and talking to brand managers, PR departments and building a relationship that will benefit us both.  That's what its all about: building a rapport.  Over time I will be completely changing the nature of my business and while I am proud of my skills as a makeup artist, I think I will be doing more production crew work and taking on projects that interest me or allow me to travel. 

With this in mind, I have started negotiations with a brand and will meet with them in July, to see if there is scope for me to work with them long term, this is what I do, this is a career for me and the direction has changed over the course of years, that's natural, but I am open to it and it ties in with my previous blog about intrinsic value. 

Mentoring will b something I give serious consideration to over the next few months and possibly in time more creative management with the Lost project.  The strength of my contacts, the ethos of my work and the sheer determination to get to the point I want to reach is helped and supported by my family and friends.  

Building on the past 20 years, the next 20 will be even bigger.