raise the bar, lower your expectations

I am so tired of people posting on social media asking how to get into certain areas of business or desperately seeking validation.  

It's time to get real.  We need to start taking the makeup business seriously and actually get back to basics.  Here's what I recommend to do that and start making the business a reality again.  

Raise the bar. 

When I say this I mean stop asking for validation, selfies are not a portfolio piece, your work should reflect the clients you want to attract.  Fashion is diverse and one shoot will be ultra natural and the next may need something more creative. 

Learn the difference between craft makeup and look at REAL editorials for inspiration. 

Social media is fantastic and there are some amazing artists out there but expand beyond the makeup field and look at fine art, film, and illustration.  You will learn so much more. 

Lower your expectations. 

It's time to sit down and be real.  Not everyone will like your work or you.  Get over it.  

finessing your feed

Constructive feedback is not "hate" it's about helping you to move forward and expand your skill base.  If you ask for critique then read it. When someone comments and makes a suggestion to improve your work then take it on board.  Again, constructive feedback is a necessity. 

Don't assume that because you have a certificate that you are ready to walk on set and own it.  Many of the best artists worked as assistants and learned from experienced artists.  There is no shame in being an assistant. 

A lot of people get disappointed that they are not getting grabbed up just by adding a Facebook page or Instagram account and fail to market themselves effectively.  Learn to be your own PR agent, build a website, learn marketing. 

If you are not working your marketing and making the effort to engage with an audience how will they find you? 

Be realistic in your expectations.  Social media make up is not always translatable to film, TV or fashion.  If the audience you want is purely social media and niche then go for it otherwise sit down and do some research and planning.  Build your work around your targets.  

Business skills are important and you need to learn them.  In conclusion, raise the bar on your marketing skills and lower the expectations on being popular.