rates and validation

I see at least once a week on social media a post about rates for make up artists.  Usually its working out what to charge and if its OK to add a surcharge for a bank holiday.  Now maybe I am being unfair but should you not be working this out BEFORE you start taking clients? 

Sit down and do some simple maths before you start advertising and decide a few key areas of what you want and look at the cost factors: 

  • Who is your target audience? 
  • What are your outgoings every month?  
  • What do you need to make to call it break even? 
  • What are your monthly costs of materials? 
  • What marketing should I be doing to attract clients? 

All of this needs to be addressed before you do anything else.  Why?  Because this gives you a base line to work from.  If your outgoings including materials, rent/mortgage etc are calculated you can then work out what you need to bring in to survive. Bear in mind that there will be slow periods so you need to make allowances for that too. 

You are running a business so you really need to be on the ball as to what you are doing.  What I don't agree with is the idea that a bank holiday requires a surcharge, does your local shop charge more for milk on a bank holiday?  Do you pay extra for food on these days?  No.  We provide a luxury service and you are a business. while  I appreciate not everyone wants to work on the holidays you are still a business, your hairdresser doesn't add 20% on the price because its a holiday, no they work.  So why are you?  If you are smart about your pricing, marketing and do a cost benefit analysis BEFORE hanging a shingle and calling yourself a business you will see a difference.  There is no escuse that you can give me that justifies it, family or not, partner at home, you want to run this as a business you work.  If you were in a job that required you to be in the shop or office you can take a holiday but realistically your not, you are self employed and that means the onus is on you to earn money to pay your bills. 

Get the details right at the start and you can be selective about the work later.  That however takes time and you need to be realistic about the reasons you got into this.   

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