real talk

I wanted to share a few interesting little things that I have done for years and felt gratified to see backed up by a huge star in the USA circuit, the current mentor on Beauty Star.  

Always something I have maintained are the following rules:   

  • You are always a student.  There is always something new to learn. 
  • Learn things outside of make up and know your history.  If you can talk about a variety of subjects you will engage your clients. 
  • The client is not your friend.  Its a business relationship.  No matter what, you are providing a service and need to remember that. 
  • Social media should not be your go to for researching other artists.  It lacks substance and won't move you forward. 
  • Be humble.  You can be top of the game and in demand then your style goes out and your losing work.  Adapt and be commercial, we need to be multi faceted now and be able to switch from fashion to film.  

Its all valuable and things I have known and said for a number of years.  Food for thought right.