representing the brand

In 2018, JamesC will be redefining the brand.  A new year and a new chapter.  With the lost project set to launch as well and plans to work on development of film and print projects, JamesC is more than just a make up designer. 

Once things are settled and the festive season is over, the whole team will be sitting down and discussing the future of the brand itself. 

Now given that JamesC has been on the back burner a little bit lately whilst we focus on other areas and aspects, we have come to the conclusion that a manager will be appointed to deal with bookings, marketing and setting up other areas of the business in the near future. 

This will be publicly announced at the beginning of 2018.  

Contrary to myth, JamesC is a freelancer with no current affiliations or agency representation in Scotland and will continue this way for the foreseeable future as it gives a greater degree of control over the business.