revamping my kit

With some date changes to my current schedule, frustrating but workable, I have decided to grab up some extras for my working kit and do something extra to make the work that little bit easier.  

As some of you will notice, I am working with a new product line that has really caught my attention and given me the ability to focus on the key elements of my work and the choices being made at the moment are about downsizing and making my kit workable in different situations. 

Pairing down the volume of my kit is always smart when you travel and if you can find multipurpose products its a bonus. 

However one thing I refuse to pair down and continue to add is brushes, Lola makeup and makethemake are both high on my list for the new and improved kit.  

Something I admit to being really excited about is that Lost Project management has started talks to buy the rights to thriller/horror TV series that they plan to produce which they have asked me to be the head of makeup for.  This is a huge goal of mine as it will also put me in as a producer and give me creative control over the project and means I am answerable to the Lost project team and as the creative director it allows me to be in from the inception.  

Development is underway to edit the script and look at the first six episodes for polishing before we sit and start working.  We are also looking at creating some more editorials and bringing new faces into the fold for print work.