Ripper FX a Media Must Have for the Mua Community

Ripper FX from Ripper FX labs Australia, is in my opinion a must have for their comprehensive range of palettes, bloods and dirt that are all media and character makeup must haves for the 4k plus market.

Ripper FX bloody mini

Designed and used in some of the highest end films across the Western Hemisphere, Ripper FX is starting to make waves in the European market. Now this is not me saying that the other options are bad, far from it, its just that for what I do the ripper range is perfect.

With a wide range of palettes including:

  • FX

  • Bruise (cool tone)

  • Bruise (warm tone)

  • Grime

Mini palettes such as blood and tooth as well complexion (all available in the larger form). Make this range perfect for the working artist.

The large palettes come with a clip that can be attached to a belt loop or bag and a built in mixing palette that can be separated from the main component. In practical terms it makes these palettes amongst the best available on the market for those working on set.

I am going to be using these palettes myself and given they are in the middle of the price bracket for this type of palette they are also economical for projects that require a little extra attention to detail or something practical for shooting on location/studio.

To find out more about the range:



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