Rules for assisting

I am being approached a lot recently by people looking for advice on being an assistant or more often looking to gain a foot in the door with the work I do.  I applaud anyone who wants to advance but there needs to be some realism in the process.  

ask and learn
  • You are not going to be lead to a job that  I have booked.  
  • You are there to assist me and follow my lead as a principal artist.  
  • No, I will not decline a gig and step out so a fresher artist can take it, that is not sensible and bluntly it's not happening. 
  •  If you are looking to assist someone, look at their work, talk to them.  If they are barely scraping past five years AWAY from college and asking you to be their assistant then I would be dubious. 
  • Do not come to the table and assume that my job is easy.  I work extremely hard on my marketing, take the time to find and book clients, I am time served and have worked across the Globe and still consult.  So no, I do not see you as competition.  
  • I am happy to support new artists,  I am happy to give opportunities but you need to be open to whats on offer and I will not chase you around to get you on board.  You want it and I have offered it.  Then the onus is on you to communicate with me.  

I do a huge amount of consult work and PR, my business is geared toward different areas and until you learn how I work do not assume anything,  After 20 years in this Job I am working hard on the development side that is not something I do in a massively public way, not every job goes into the public domain I have different marketing strategies.  So you need to actually be a part of it to understand and that won't happen if you don't talk to me and actually show some sort of an effort.  

Let's break this down:  don't come to me for support if you are not willing to learn.