Seeking Validation and Support is not Moving you Forward

I have been getting more and more hard line over how and what support I will offer, especially now when I am finding increasingly that I am having to step back from gigs for familial reasons.

Usually in the space of a phone call and a few minutes checking social media posts I can get a pretty good handle on what you are looking for and what your expectations are, allowing me to make a choice about the end goals of the process.


Patterns I see frequently are:

  1. “I am studying makeup at college and looking for models for…….”

  2. “How can I get into film and TV?”

  3. “how can I get into fashion I really want to do shows like LFW.” Missing details in this can often be IF you pay me for my time even though I have no experience.

  4. “If anyone has a project they need an assistant for I am free and looking to gain some experience.”

Breaking these down what I see is the pattern:

  1. Students rarely if ever (myself included to some degree when I was training) do their research and the work is often craft based and more suited to a social media account than a film set or show.

  2. With google and the unlimited access to the internet via a mobile its by far easier now than its ever been to find media access centres and meetups, so why are you not doing research first? Simple, its easier to get it done for you than do it yourself.

  3. LFW and any other shows rarely pay the staff instead the head of department gets a sponsor. fashion shows SELL ad space and there is a bit of give and take involved, you need to be showing your business skills and approach sponsors with a plan. If you want to do it free then yes you will get the work but frankly you are better pulling a team and working it as head of department or as part of a brand supported placement.

  4. Although people on paper are wiling and able to be an assistant, when you tell them what is required they get upset “how will the client know what I can do if I am just assisting?” This is an attempt to secure a client and those who do assist spend their time networking and not actually doing the work required as they are trying to secure clients for themselves via undercutting and socialising, I would rather work solo and get the work done than have an “assistant” who is there to boost their own agenda over getting the work done.

Instead of seeking validation and adding that *implied heavy sigh that no one is giving you a chance, go out and create the opportunities, find them with some research or just take some time and learn about the business instead of asking for a leg up.