showpiece theater and editorial tests

I have to admit I have been a little flat lately and Garboeque this week, think grand hotel "I want to be alone...."  Just sheer exhaustion of organizing my schedule and the planning, with the added worry of not being able to reach my business partner has just piled up and its been a trying week. 

So when I get a message on Facebook from the Lovely girls I worked with at University west of Scotland, asking me if I would come work with them again plus my meeting with Jim ManClark to talk projects, it was a breath of fresh air.  

Lets start with the student film, I do sometimes get involved in small uni projects just to give me a chance to freshen up or try some new products, the girls (Olivia and Sarah) are lovely and their team on the last film was lovely and it was flattering to be asked back to work on Paranoia. a bitter sweet little piece with an lgbt twist which I thought was interesting.  I can't go into details but I have read the script and I can see this being an interesting project to work on. 

Jim (Manclark) was the brains behind "mystery shopper," which was just recently a feature on world fashion media and news, and we are now discussing putting together something new provisionally titled "letters," a departure from the last comedy piece into something a little more melodramatic that we intend to tie up with my contacts in India as a sort of international showcase of talent.  

Sometimes you just need to ride out the storm and wait for the sun and that is whats happening here. 

With my own editorial essays being put together and models being booked November is actually coming together quite well and feels more positive already. 

Naturally I will be using all my favourite brands and bringing new pieces to mix so watch out for Brushwork cosmetics (JamesC 15% off) gentlemens chuckaboo, angel face mineral make up, menaji mens skincare and possibly Mr Dashbo for the character work.