Smart Planning

In the current social media world there are events popping up everywhere and it can be hit and miss how beneficial they are to you and your business.  Part of this comes down to smart marketing.  

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Now I am not a believer in working for free or paying to work UNLESS I see a solid business plan I am really reluctant to get involved.  The idea that something will benefit me doesn't wash, if you are asking me to work without actually knowing my work or for that matter what I have done then I am inclined to snap back at you and remind you what and who you are dealing with. 

However, there are certain times when I can and will sit and talk.  If I can benefit I will do a cost-benefit analysis and then move forward.  

Any business needs to be smart and evaluate the cost benefits of working on an event, film or TV project. Let's look at events first.  

You are asked to Pay for brand placement, slots as premier makeup staff and media coverage. 

What you need to be asking first and foremost: 

  • Who are your media partners? 
  • What is the cost and is it negotiable? 

From here you start planning.  How can I make this work for me?  It's not a one-sided deal.  You need to be as proactive on the promotion as the person your paying, no point in paying the money if you're not going to maximize the credibility it gives you.  

Credibility: this is the key.  How good is the potential investment in terms of how you will be using it for marketing?  Is it locally focused? Will it give you a boost in terms of media? Does it match the demographic your aiming at? 

All this needs to be considered before you even come close to throwing away your hard earned cash on events.