stepping out

I wanted to take a huge step away from some of my current duties, what has ended up happening is what I was treating it as a part-time endeavour and something to use as a marketing tool, has become a full time job and its really not what  I wanted especially as it was never part of the contract. 


Part of this is me just having spent weeks negotiating a contract and doing a huge amount of marketing for my clients and not having time to do the things I want to do.  

With this in mind I am stepping out till I leave for my next film, while I get that all finalized, I want to work on the creation of some new portfolio shots.   I want to do this and shoot the images myself.  A sort of creative clear out of my own head.  

The thing about being an artist is your head is constantly full of images, concepts and creative plans, you can't really switch it off. 

Having spent the day on the phone and online with Mac cosmetics, confirming my new pro account.  This will allow me to grab some of the more fun makeup that I have put off playing with such as pigments and mixing mediums, in other words, I will be able to play.  

The choices I make are really about working with my own principals and making sure that my business moves forward.