Stop and think

The market at the moment is a minefield of misinformation and gossip, everyone is vying to secure clients and push their own agenda whatever that takes.  This can be insidious gossip or trying to gain access to the little black book of a fellow artist through various means.  

What I find fascinating is, instead of talking to me, it is rumored that people are running my name into the ground then complaining that I am not supporting them.  Which is in itself a catch 22: 

By not taking the time to put their ego aside and talking to me, instead focusing on me not contacting them, they are in effect pushing me further away.  Why would I come to the table and support you when you are slandering my name?  So the circle continues, because I am not interested in a dialogue this justifies the vitriol. 


Instead of doing that, contact me.  Start a conversation, by doing this you might actually gain something positive. 

For example, the favorite accusation that is thrown is that I do not support new talent.  By telling people I don't support newer artists, they don't speak to me ergo I am not supporting.  I don't chase people around if you want to assist me and I have advertised the fact I need extra hands, the onus is on you to contact me.  If you don't take the chance that is put out there, then you won't get it.  You cannot accuse me of being unsupportive if you don't approach and ask for help.  

This also applies when you know nothing about my work and attack me pubically without having a full set of information.  You look bad, especially if I refuse to rise to the bait. 

  • "You don't support new artists like me" 
  • My response is generally; "Did you ask me for help?" 
  • "well no, but I was told are nasty and don't help so why would I?" 

That is a catch 22 situation.  If you believe rumor and innuendo and don't fact check, then I can't help you.  If you refuse to ask for my advice, then how am  I supposed to know you need it? 

You really need to stop and think about what you are doing, I am not here to compete with anyone.   I have my own business and work to contend with, there are numerous ways I can help you but you need to talk to me  See my previous blogs about assisting to get a fuller picture of how it all works with me.  

My success was my own hard work, yours can be too if you put your energy into the right area's and work with the market instead of against it.