Surviving negativity

I was chatting recently with a fellow makeup artist who had been viciously and unjustly attacked across social media for what the people behind it called "negativity to the group."

Now having had both my personal life and business attacked many times over the years, I found this sad.  I have a thick skin to some degree over it but we were talking about the damage that can be done by this kind of attack. 

Ultimately it's about damage control, something I have had to do a great deal of over the last few years as the industry changes to accommodate the volume of "competition" that has entered the market. 

First off we need to establish was it directed and were you named?  If the answer is yes, then you have every legal right to pursue this for slander and libel IF you have evidence to back it up that what has been said or written is false.  If you are not named, keep your mouth shut.  

yeah OK

Something we forget is words only have power if you give them it. 

By getting upset, angry and lashing out about the words or targeted attack will only add fuel to the fire and ultimately you lose. 

Here's the best option.  Ask yourself: "do I really want to work with people who can be so negative about your business with no reason?"  Does what they say resonate?  Is there any merit to whats being said or are you merely getting angry because someone has spoken about you in a way you don't like.  This often is the issue. 

In business, you need to be thick-skinned, hell in life you should be thick-skinned, not everyone is going to like you and sometimes you need to accept it and move on. 

What I recommended to my contact was they sit down, take a deep breath and go through everything they had done and redevelop.  Review their business plan and walk away from the negativity with the view that its possible to laugh it off and do better.  When you are attacked and there is no justification that is tangible, it means your on the right path so just keep moving.