Tanezcor Films

I am very excited to announce I will join the team at Tanzecor films for the production of "The Territory of Dust," currently working on their crowdfunding and trailer, this spaghetti western is set to be shot in Spain with an international cast and crew that will include myself as head of makeup.  

Finishing off some the trailer segments, they will tour this on the festival circuit to showcase the film and build some support. 

"A story about retired deputy Joe Henriksen and his son Tony who put their lives at risk to make a stance against slave trading. There is a purely evil man standing in their way - Frank McCoffin, the owner of the gold mine, who does not hesitate to fight for what belongs to him! Frank is a very territorial cold blooded killer! It is a story about gold prospectors, slavery and the law-men, about the dreams, greed, and compassion."

The Lost Project team will be handling elements of the PR and marketing and we are discussing product placement for the makeup department so if any brands are interested contact the team at www.lost-project.com to discuss.  

This is set to be a big year for the team and of course me, and I am looking forward to being a part of this project.  

For more details on the film, you can see the current trailer (Sadly I was not part of this) which included further details on the company and links to their campaign page.