the design process

So over the next few days I have some shoots planned and will be wrapping up round about the 15th of December for the festive season and these will be the last of our advertorial and editorial side fore the year, we are just putting those last few details in place.  

This weekend I am actually just enjoying the process of designing and sketching.  Some of the designs are in the process of being redone as I just felt they needed tweaked a little.  I am really glad I got my design sheets set up and I can print on demand with these. 

I will be re-shooting (alongside the Lost project) images that were done in Mumbai several years ago.  I do love them but I want to revamp and do them. 

Something I am really excited about is playing with colour think warm oranges and deep greens and of course the smokey eye re-shoot. 

Each of the new shoots I will be looking at having an assistant on hand just so I can focus on the details.