The Tourists

Today was a first for a while, usually mired in meetings and planning, I got to go to Glasgow with Jim Manclark and Richie Holt to "play." 

behind the scenes on The Tourists

We were in Georges Square filming, although the make up requirements were minimal, I still got to do my job and catch up with a few familiar faces like Tony Mcdonald and new people too. 

A relaxed, very low key shoot I was there with my trusty little bridge camera to capture some behind the scenes moments and document the shoot.  

More will be coming soon as the edit is now underway for this project and I will be spending some time going through the images and choosing extras to share with World fashion media news.  

A big thank you to the cast and crew who were stellar and so easy to work with.  A total team effort I cannot wait to see the end result.