thinking outside the box

Everyone's journey is different, you are a creative and developing your style as you progress, your style will evolve.  For some people, it happens sooner than others.  You may look at the work you are doing or the work that is visible in your location and think "this is not for me." 

think outside the box

That's OK.  It is part of the journey and it means you are reprioritizing how your business grows. 

What you now need to do is sit down and plan.  Look at the work you are doing and ask yourself: does this fit the direction I want to take?  Am I happy in my current environment and if not how can I change it? 

Sometimes we lose sight of whats happening and get caught up in the journey thinking its where we are meant to go because that's the path that people take in your field.  Well, I can testify to the fact that is not true.  The world is a huge place and so long as your smart about it there is no end to the possibilities of travel and work options you can have.  

Think outside the box, decide is it viable for me to change direction or am I just bored and needing a new challenge? Sometimes its simply that the work we are doing is less than we expected or the job is just not what we thought it was going to be.  

Whatever the reason for your discontent, you need to sit down and really think before making any drastic decisions and changes.  

Growing and developing your business is not an overnight thing and can be frustrating which is why I suggest thinking about the options before you make changes weigh up the pros and cons of what you are planning.