thoughts on the future

I have been really reluctant in some ways to put this out there, I get alot of flack when I talk about business or comment on things that are considered unsupportive of the industry but someone has to do it right?  I have the lost project which is a collective set up designed to support but not an agency as such.  

At various points I have worked with agents and managers, more so in the last three years since I returned to Scotland and I will be honest I pulled away and refuse to work with them anymore. 

There was just too much back stabbing and back biting for my taste.  It became a very one sided affair.  Now not all experiences were negative but enough that it left a bad taste and drove me to think outside the box. 

Make up artists are really not seen as business minded and those of us who are are not popular unless we are social media icons.  What is wrong with knowing how to do your job, being skilled in the business side and wanting to be paid?  I really can't wrap my head round it.  

To date two of the three agents I have worked with in Scotland have severely let me down: poached clients for their own benefit, refused point blank to promote me (I still cannot understand why).  I have had twenty plus articles published and have established relationships with clients mainly in South Asia, yet they felt that my skills were not worth supporting or endorsing.  I had to support them but it was not given back. 

Realistically for me I have a goal and a vision of how I want to move forward that will set me apart and if anything its a long term plan, which should in theory be backed up by the agents but never was.  

I am working on new print shoots and webtorials, developing scripts and pushing different aspects of the business but it falls short in the Scottish market, they want the support, the business but won't hire me.  which I personally don't get. We don't support each other, the clients who have approached want me to work free BUT expect to be paid union rate for the work they do when approached. 

Each time I hit a new bench mark, its ignore here.  So what are my options: 

  1. Move to a new place and work with people I have a relationship? 
  2. stay here and struggle to earn from my craft? 
  3. Develop and push forward with my own production goals? 

Realistically its going to be a combo of one and three.  When I do, I have a full roster of people who are behind the vision, so the loss is not really mine.  I just feel sad that people don't value the skill set I have here and I need to take it elsewhere.  

At the moment I am doing a cost, benefit, analysis on my work here and deciding what is and isn't feasible.  Sad but true and to be honest Scotland you are losing on a few fronts. 

People want change but only when it suits their needs.  I didn't travel the world so I could be considered arrogant,  Idid it to expand my skills and work in new places.  I geneuinely want to see people succeed here but not at a cost to me, thats not business thats a hobby.