time demands

I see this alot with the private sector, IE private clients, no consideration for business hours and a demand for attention at any given time.  

When you run a business its a big undertaking and it can take up alot of your time and energy, so when you switch off your phone or set a deadline for not taking calls and texts, you need to make that clear on your website and social media marketing. 

"I work the following business hours and inquiries made after 6 pm will be answered the next day." 

My evenings are spent working on marketing and catching up on the other bits and pieces of work that need dealt with such as the non urgent work like social media.  This is also the time that I spend working on articles or researching for a piece.  Which admittedly is going to slow down as I am now focusing on the film side.  

I don't appreciate people texting or calling me at random late at night especially when it can be handled by email or by booking an appointment. 


Consultations for me are part of the service and while I am happy to talk to you in brief about your needs or wants, you will be asked to book a time slot to talk to me, this goes for new makeup artists as well.  I am no longer willing to indulge you by email or on calls.  You will book a consult and pay for my time.  

Demanding attention or most recently for me, expecting me to treat a part-time practice to become a full-time job without pay, is not going to happen.  I appreciate that your call/text/email is important to you and whatever reason you have chosen from simple skincare advice to business consultations, can be in your head the most important thing in your world, its not mine and I have other things on my plate so please remember that before you decide you need my immediate attention.  

I can almost guarantee that you would be extremely angry if I phoned/mailed/text you at 10-30 at night asking if you were free to talk about something minor and demand your attention.  So remember that next time you feel like the question in your head needs to be answered Right away.