Travel plans and much more

I want to start this blog by sending a BIG thank you to the lovely and hugely talented Miriam Jacks of Jacks Beauty line, who sent me 7 brushes from her collection which I will be using to create some beauty shots and a short behind the scenes video with later.  

There should also be a big shout out to Kathmandu films and Tanezcor films who are both working with me on film projects and I will be joining each team respectively over the coming months which I am very excited about. 

I will be opening the doors up to sponsorship for those who would be interested in being involved in the future work of the JamesC brand, this can be negotiated and discussed at any stage.  

Both myself and The Lost Project are opening to doors to sponsorship and the option to create film and TV projects with a JamesC slant, product placement and of course integration can also be discussed please drop us an email to talk.