Travel updates

I just received my contract!  I will be back on the road for a month joining a film team in Nepal.  Focusing on character makeup, this will be a fantastic opportunity to not only get back into the film realm on a grand scale but will take me back to South Asia which I have dearly missed for the last few years.  

Travel plans

Now I admit I have done a few smaller projects here in Scotland, and I loved every minute, however, I missed my second home in Mumbai, this will be a nice little compromise and something completely new for me with a hint of familiar territory.  

Over the next few months, I will be working on creating something solid with video and stills to augment my portfolio, this also means that I will be creating some exclusive content for the magazines and online periodicals I work with.  

I am truly grateful that the clients I have had over the years have allowed me to be creative and push forward with a career path that has been a rocky road.