Wedding shoot

Today I spent some time catching up on calls and doing some strategy work since I am not due to travel for a while (monsoon season delays), I thought it would be a good time to do some o the more promotional based work. 

lola liquid lipstick in lust

As some of you know I work with the wedding films Scotland team and this week we will be meeting up to arrange the final few details of a video/stills campaign that will be released through my magazine network. 

What we are going to do is focus on something a little different from the standard bridal look, yes the makeup will be set around that theme but we decided to forgo the usual pretty church or hotel and go straight into a derelict building and focus on the beauty of the moment. 

I will be integrating this in with some of the brands that have been in touch recently and very kindly given me PR packages as a thank you to these companies.  This will be a long-term strategy which I plan to work with to create something fresh to showcase not just myself but also the companies I value. 

The first of the brands I am focusing on will be the fantastic beauty makeup range from Lola makeup who do work with the bridal sector heavily so its a nice tie up for this particular shoot.