Wedding films Scotland

I do love a wedding and associating with a service that fits that is always a plus.  I have access to some of the most amazing designers of bridal wear; Sharon Bowen Dryden springs to mind and of course,  thanks to the amazing team at House of iKons for the introductions to so many fantastic designers.  

wedding films Scotland

When wedding films Scotland came to me it was a major coup, the team has one of the strongest backgrounds in Film and TV around, with credentials that make even me look twice.  

Bringing such a strong service to the wedding realm is fantastic.  Aimed at the luxury end of the market they are about customer service and putting their time served skills and background into ensuring that your big day is as important to them as it is to you.  

In the next few months, they will be setting up affiliations and partnerships with bridal artists, bringing in new teams and training staff to meet the rigorous standards that TV and film demands, to ensure your wedding day is as important to the team as it is to you. 

For more information or to discuss joining the team see their website: Wedding films Scotland.