Wedding season kick off

When I start seeing the social media posts about wedding pricing, advertising and booking policies I know its time to stat looking at that side of the market. 

Over the next few weeks I have meetings, interviews and projects lining up that will be used as a part of my marketing strategies for the coming months.  In fact I am part of a new service that is coming the Scottish market that will revolutionise how wedding films work. 

Wedding news

 The Wedding films Scotland team are from a hugely well respected background in film and TV and are now focusing that energy into broadcast quality wedding films.  Something about this just appeals to me, I am someone that believes in getting things right so they require minimal edits or that can be a stand alone image so the idea of wedding films that are broadcast quality is something that massively appeals. 

Part of this comes from my work as a beauty editor, this has given me access to a huge variety of new brands that I can integrate into my working kit and provide a much more comprehensive service.  

Everything about my work is now being geared toward changes in the market as the year goes in, I have more and more film work being lined up and of course will be supporting other business elements such as the wedding side of the work.