what are you waiting for?

OK I know two blogs in one day but I wanted to get this across.  I talk to new artists regularly and people who are just struggling to get their head around the business side of make up and you know what, I say this a thousand times a day. 

Work for it. 

You are not going to be a success right off the bat, I know that your qualification is shiny and your enthusiasm is epic but can we please get real.  

OK I nearly lost EVERYTHING,  I really  thought I Was going to have to give this up and do something else but I didn't thank goodness because I worked around the situation and cleared my feet, I got a grip, dried my eyes and just knuckled down. 

I spent time regrouping and focused on key areas of my business and now I am working on multiple projects, creative director of MY shoots and starting to tentatively look at bringing in an extra pair of hands to do some of the backstage elements. 

But lets be honest here.  It was not easy.  I was not "lucky" I worked my ass off to get to this point.  

So whats your escuse? What are you waiting for a gilt invitation to the party?  I didn't I hussled and made it work for me, now people are coming to me and I am dictating the state of play.  

work for it