Zero Justice film and much more

Over the next few months, I will be working with the Lost Project team and Tanezcor films toward finalizing the feature film Zero Justice to be shot in Spain. 

Zero Justice film

This means over the next few months I will be traveling a lot, I have to admit that I missed being on set and sitting in Scotland has driven me insane, so being able to get back into a film is a major plus for me and will give some nice exclusives for my magazine contacts.  

I will be starting the process of designing for the two feature film projects and giving consideration to how I will fill out the makeup department on the project in Europe. 

Nepal is finalized and I will be traveling soon to join the team, this one I am excited about as the potential, the director, cast and crew are stellar.  

For more details on Zero Justice see the campaign details. 

Zero Justice film campaign.